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RON & VIV MOON have spent much of their lives exploring and writing about Australia’s wild and remote areas. In their travels they combine many interests such as 4wd touring, camping, overlanding, bird watching, diving, hunting, canoeing and fishing, as well as photography, and this is reflected in the many articles that they have written for a wide range of magazines in Australia and overseas.

While both Ron and Viv are recognised travel writers specialising in out of the way places, Ron was the long time editor of the 4WD magazine, 4x4 Australia, and now has more of a roving and exciting role as 4x4’s Editor-at-Large. In all Ron & Viv have contributed to or written 13 guide books on Outback Australia, including books for Lonely Planet, Hema Maps and Global Publications.

Born in Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory in 1949, Ron grew up in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia where at a very young age he spent his time trapping rabbits and hunting with a single shot .22 rifle.

Moving to the southern coast of South Australia, his teenage years were spent spearfishing, scuba diving, and when the water was dirty or too rough, surfing and rabbit shooting. These are passions that continue to this day.

Gaining his love of travel from his widely roaming father, Ron was travelling far and wide as soon as he got his driving licence. A stint in the Army as an electronic technician added to his travels in the Outback and overseas, while his skill as a photographer earned him a place on a number of expeditions. These were as diverse as:

* Diving the remote southern Maldives in the Indian Ocean as chief photographer with a British scientific expedition;
* Rafting the Franklin River in Tasmania on the first commercial recce trip down that wild river as photographer,
* Acting as a guide and photographer with a National Museum of Victoria expedition to the desert country of South Australia;
* Leading the first trekking group across the Big Desert Wilderness in western Victoria, and a host more.

With his wife, Viv, they founded the magazine 'Action Outdoor Australia' in 1984 and were editor/assistant editor for a number of years. In that time they also travelled the world and Australia as freelance adventure travel writers and photographers. These adventures included:

* Canoe trips on the Zambezi River in Africa;
* High altitude walking jaunts on Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya in Africa;
* Diving expeditions into the Red Sea, Coral Sea and Mediterranean;
* Trekking in New Zealand and Greece;
* Along with a range of minor adventures in other places of the world.

In 1986 they founded and ran the short-lived, 'Adventure Travel' magazine and then later became the editor of the more successful 'Let's Travel' magazine.
As well, Ron and Viv have been lucky enough to have spent time in the bush driving 4WD vehicles in a range of spectacular offroad environments in the Ukraine, UK, Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the USA. Some of their most memorable times being in Africa, and in the west of North America including Alaska and the Yukon.

Their travels in Australia have covered every remote corner of the continent resulting in a flood of articles that have appeared in nearly every magazine from Australian Post to Penthouse and Australian Geographic, as well as newspapers around the country. Their love of adventure and travel has meant that nearly every travel and adventure magazine in the country has featured their work at one time or another.

Between 1987 and 2001 Ron was the editor of Australia’s leading 4WD magazine, 4X4 Australia, and in that time he gained an enviable reputation as one of the most travelled and ‘hands on’ 4WD experts in the country. Today he is now their Editor-at-Large which allows both him and Viv to travel more frequently and more widely. Their knowledge on the history of exploration in Australia has seen them lead a number of 4WD trips following the footsteps of the early explorers.

While they are not whitewater canoeists, they have paddled many remote rivers in the far north as well as along the east coast and rafted some of the wildest, remotest rivers in Australia. A range of wilderness canoe trips in the late 1980s and early 1990s resulted in a number of ‘first descents’ on remote crocodile infested rivers in northern Australia; most of these expeditions were sponsored by Australian Geographic magazine.

They have hunted and scuba dived all around the country and have also fished extensively in the wilder, more remote areas, but Ron admits he only chases fish when there is a very good chance of catching some!

The last 30 years have seen 12 trips to Africa where they spend most of their time in national parks or in remote safari camps. Four of those trips included hunting trips in Botswana, Zimbabwe and in a number of places throughout South Africa. 

Viv, on the other hand, is a first class bush cook who can whip up a feast for a king from a camp oven or the camp stove. Her regular cooking column in 4X4 Australia magazine has been a long running hit for over 27 years and she now has a couple of cookbooks, Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook (http://www.guidebooks.com.au/cookbook%20outdoor.htm) and Viv Moon's Travellers Cookbook (http://www.guidebooks.com.au/cookbook%20travellers.htm).
Ron and Viv wrote and produced their first guidebook in 1986. In the following years they published their very successful adventure guidebooks on Cape York, the Kimberley, the Flinders Ranges, Across the Bight & Nullarbor, and Victorian 4WD tracks, all going through numerous updated editions. In 2016 they sold the guidebook business to Hema Maps. (http://www.guidebooks.com.au)
They have also written, or were the major writer/consultant editors for a number of other guides published by Global Publication, Hema Maps, Lonely Planet, Focus Publishing, Australian Gazetteer and See Australia. In all they have written or contributed to thirteen guidebooks on remote areas in Australia.

For five years Ron was the 4WD consultant, presenting his own segments, for the very successful Rex Hunt TV fishing show on Ch 7.

During the 1990's he has also acted as guide, consultant and co-presenter for the eight successful adventure 4WD TV 1-hour documentaries produced and presented by Glenn Ridge on Channel 9’s ‘World Around Us’. These documentaries were not only sold around the world on Cable TV, but are repackaged and sold into the home video market, here and overseas. During those years Ron also acted as a consultant to and presenter for a range of 4WD instructional videos for Nissan Australia, the Ford Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Australia. 

As part of his commitment to 4X4 Australia magazine, he has produced a range of 4WD instructional videos on 4WD skills and techniques, and travel destination videos to such places as Cape York, the Kimberley, Simpson Desert and the Australian High Country. The latest video production for 4x4 Australia was an expedition along the Great Australian Bight in 2015. These have been broadcast over the years on Cable TV in Australia and elsewhere around the world. 
While Ron was editor of the Australian national four wheel drive magazine '4x4 Australia' for 15 years, he has now taken up a role as Editor-at-Large, giving him and Viv more time to travel and research and write articles for '4x4 Australia' and other magazines around the world. After selling their guidebooks in 2016 they now write guidebooks exclusively for Hema Maps.​ 
In 2004 they established, in partnership with Red Desert Tours, Legendary Outback Expeditions, leading exclusive expeditions into the remote areas of Australia's outback, and to Southern Africa. They spent 6 great years leading tag-along 4WD trips under the LOE banner, before retiring from those trips to spent more time concentrating on their own travel adventures.
In 2007 they spent 8 1/2 months overlanding through 15 countries from Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa, to the northernmost extremity of the African continent in Tunisia.
In 2008 they continued on their overland driving adventure for 6 months travelling from the UK to Norway to North Cape, then across Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, to finish in Vladivostok!
During 2009 and 2010 they kept closer to home and did some extensive travelling back in Oz, but with a couple of trips back to Southern Africa and one to New Guinea, searching for American crashed aircraft and MIA's from WW2.
In 2011 they continued on their overland driving adventure for 9 months travelling through South America and Central America, followed in 2012 with a 6 month sojourn through the west of North America.
2013 saw a trip back to Canada and Whitehorse to drive the Ice Road, then it was back to Australia to spend a few months travelling through the Pilbara in WA, across to northwestern Queensland to Cape York.
2014 they headed back to the USA, this time to buy a Dodge Ram, fitted with a Four Wheel Drive Slideon Camper, spending 3 months touring Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas.
Back in Australia, they spent the next few months travelling around Central Australia.
2015 they once again returned to the USA; picked up the Dodge Ram and spent the next 4 months travelling through Mexico, Cuba, Eastern USA and Canada. Ron also ticked off one of his bucket list wishes and rafted the Grand Canyon.
2016 was a busy year, with trips to the Victorian High Country, and across to the west of WA to the Kimberley for guidebook work for Hema Maps. Then there was a family trip back to their beloved Africa for a month, before returning to the northeast of Canada, Nova Scotia where they picked up the Dodge Ram from its storage and spent the next 3 months travelling through Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, Ontario before coming back into the USA and heading south to Arizona.
2017 started with a camping trip following the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales. Then at the end of March we flew back to the USA for a 7 week jaunt. Picked up the Dodge where it was stored in Arizonia and headed to southern California for the wildflowers, then to Big Bend National Park in Texas, then through New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and back to Arizona. Back in Australia Ron headed into the Simpson Desert to drive the Madigan Line. The next 6 months will see us head up to the gulf country in Queensland and the Northern Territory and then a trip across to Western Australia to travel along the southwest coastline.
As always though there are plenty of travels and adventures in Australia!
Today, when Ron and Viv are not in front of a computer screen they can generally be found travelling somewhere in a four wheel drive.
In Kazakastan.
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Happy travels - See you in the bush.

Ron and Viv.