Ron and Viv at the Arctic Circle, Yukon.
Welcome to our travels around the world on dirt tracks, ice roads and gravel highways. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get out and see more of this wonderful planet, we call 'Earth'.
Our Patrol exploring around Central Australia.
For the last 30 years or so we've been wandering around Australia and across the world, having fun, getting bogged, being lost, admiring ancient wonders, winching through mud holes, being awe struck by amazing views, getting drenched by rain and burnt by the sun ... and not regretting one minute of it .... well, not many minutes of it anyway. Here are some of the stories.  
•  Africa

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Driving the road to Sani Pass in South Africa. One of the best drives in Africa.
Since we were young kids, thanks to our parents, we've been travelling around Australia and for the last 40 or so years we've not only continued our travels 'Down Under' but have headed further afield, washing up onto the 'Dark Continent' in 1985 for the first time.  One thing we quickly learnt, you never, ever visit Africa just once!
Our Overland Patrol and Tvan in Argentina.
Spectacular camp on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
In 2007 we began our overlanding journey around the world and have now spent 50 months overseas, intermingling those travels with our Aussie adventures which sees us on the road somewhere for around eight months every year back home in Australia. It's still very much a plan in progress and we have just begun our second lap around the world with a vehicle here in Australia and another currently in North America.
From those travels the Dirt Road Diaries are drawn, some just the other day, others fairly recently and some from our archives. We hope you enjoy them.
Driving Blue Rag track in the high country of Victoria. One of the best drives you can do.
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